Tools and dies for a variety of parts for the automotive industry and domestic appliance industry

KEKEISEN-tools can be used in presses or press lines with mechanized robots and feed or transfer automation. Depending on the order they are built as either casts or plate constructions and feature solutions that require little maintenance. In addition, our tools are optimized for mechanized parts transfer and satisfy all requirements of the production equipment. After the pre-acceptance, commissioning of our tools is conducted by our specialists on the press lines of our customers.

In trusting cooperation with you, we develop the optimum solutions for your problems and purposes - technically reliable, on schedule and cost-oriented.

We take care of

  • planning and conceptual design
  • modeling and construction
  • drawing simulation and springback compensation
  • optimization of material consumption
  • die face design
  • manufacture and assembly
  • trial and function test
  • sample parts production and pilot series
  • tryout on original presses
  • maintenance and spare parts production


  • drawing tools
  • cutting tools
  • bending tools
  • stamping tools
  • transfer tools
  • progressive tools
  • multiple stage tools
  • transfer systems
  • based on our or customers' design
  • weight of single tool up to 20 tons

Manufactured and assembled with accuracy in every detail.

From the planning over the construction right up to the finished tool, everything from one source.

Transfer toolset "D-column inside upper"

Transfer toolset "D-column inside upper"
Size approx. 2000 x 1800 x 1000 mm each,
10 to.


Transfer tool for "Reinforcement element"

Transfer tool for "Reinforcement element" with 4 inserting platforms
dimensions approx. 4000 x 1400 x 1000 mm, 18 to.

Transfer tool for "bulk head segment"

Transfer tool for "bulk head segment" with 4 stations

Progressive tool for "Upper shell"

Progressive tool for "Upper shell" with 11 stations
Tool size approx. 3800 x 1400 x 950 mm, 14 to.

Drawing tool for "Insert tail covering"

Drawing tool for "Insert tail covering"
Tool size approx. 1700 x 1700 x 1000 mm

Transfer toolset "Gusset plate D-column"

Transfer toolset "Gusset plate D-column"
With 4 steps, size approx. 1800 x 1700 x 1000 mm each

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