Modern press equipment for tryout, testing and zero series parts production

Only a finished pressed part shows whether the tool used for manufacturing worked perfectly or not. For this reason, we test every tool at our plant before delivery and also check the pressed parts for dimensional accuracy, surface quality and process capability.

For tryout, sampling and prototype production, there are 2 powerful hydraulic presses available.
Of course, we provide them to our customers for the reprocessing of tools and dies, the pressing of new series and discontinued series parts, small series and spare part production.

Indicators of our work are the process-reliable function of the tools and dies, the realization of customers' requirements as well as the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the sheet metal parts produced with our tools.

850 to. Müller hydraulic drawing press

850 to. Müller hydraulic drawing press with hydr. bed cushion 300 to. and hydr. cushion in ram
automatic loading with moving table
bed size 3500 x 2500 mm
max. distance ram/bed 2000 mm
ram stroke 1600 mm

Moving tables at the presses enable automatic feeding and facilitate short setup times between the single process steps.

300 to. Müller hydraulic drawing press

300 to. Müller hydraulic drawing press with hydr. bed cushion 100 to.
and automatic loading-unit
bed size 1900 x 1500 mm
max. distance ram/bed 1800 mm
ram stroke 1150 mm

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