Engineering and manufacturing of tools are carried out with know-how and most modern technology

Based on the part data or the CAD process plan
our designers develop the tool construction, taking into account current resource standards and the product specifications of the customer.

For this purpose we use modern CAD workstations in 3D (Catia V5 or Inventor V10). For overhauling of older constructions, Catia V4 or 2D-systems are available. Data exchange can be done via Odette, FTP or IQWeb.
The layout of the tools is carried out considering the total number of pieces, a minimized material consumption and the pressing periphery of the customer.

In order to reduce risk, critical forming operations or unpredictable sheet behaviour are extensively avoided by the use of preceding draw and/or resiliency simulations.

Our commitment is to provide solutions with longevity that are cost-effective, dependable and easy to maintain.

Modern 3D-CAD workstations

Modern 3D-CAD workstations with Catia V5 or Inventor V12
as well as several 2D-systems

Pre-assembly of the tools, including assembling of forming parts for concurrent machining, is conducted in generous production facilities that feature cranes with lift capacities up to 20 tons.

After the active parts processing, our qualified toolmakers complete all necessary steps, including adjustment, final assembly and establishing functionality to ready the tools for tryout.

Tool manufacture with lift capacities up to 20 tons

Tool manufacture with lift capacities up to 20 tons for construction and final assembly

In our production we use most modern NC machines and procedures to economically produce even complex work pieces. The complex shape-programs are generated by CAD/CAM coupling on Tebis workstations and transmitted directly to the NC machines.

Latest CNC-machine tools

Latest CNC-machine tools

Latest CNC-machine tools for workpiece dimensions up to 10 m x 3,2 m x 1,4 m

To meet the quality standards of our customers we utilize modern CNC measuring equipment and a CAQ work stations to program measuring sequences and systematically check the dimensional stability of the manufactured sheet metal parts.

In order to keep product quality and service at a high standard and to develop them, we invest in a continuous improvement process. For us, a deliberate quality management is a matter of course

CNC-measuring machine for parts inspection

CNC-measuring machine for parts inspection for dimensions up to 2000 x 1200 x 1000 mm

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