Our quality policy - a decisive factor for the satisfaction of our customers

Quality management system

Due to our efficient in-company organisation with short decision-making procedures and an excellent quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, our customers can count on consistent results and a high level of quality. Many successfully passed customer-specific audits are proof of this.

Producing quality is Priority 1 for all employees. And this is true each and every single day. The company as well as its employees gladly take on this challenge. Moreover, we always strive to increase our process quality through creative further developments. Only if and when our customers are satisfied the company and its employees will have fulfilled their purpose.


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Selection of suppliers

We set high quality standards on the material side as well as in the area of construction and development and during the entire production process. We do not see the selection of our suppliers just as a question of price but place great emphasis on fair and long-term partnerships with suppliers that meet our high quality requirements.

Selection of suppliers

Quality inspection

Our quality inspections ensure the quality of the processed tools and workpieces during and after the production and processing cycle. Individual assemblies and components as well as entire machines, systems and tools are subjected to comprehensive inspections and function tests until they are deemed ready for delivery to our customers.

Quality inspection
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