Jigs & Fixtures - effective aids for series production

As a result of our great experience in the chip removal manufacture and the construction of machine components we are also the perfect partner for the construction of workpiece specific jigs and fixtures of various kinds.

In close cooperation with you, we take care of
  • planning, design and construction,
  • manufacture, assembly and pipe installation
  • right up to function test and tryout
  • hydraulic clamping fixtures
  • mechanical clamping fixtures
  • assembly devices
  • welding equipment
  • checking and test equipment

As a matter of course, your requests and company standards as well as the machine environment and other edge conditions are taken into account.

Construction will be carried out either in 2D with AutoCAD Mechanical or in 3D with Inventor. Supplied constructions can be imported and processed through various interfaces.

Examples of various clamping fixtures

Examples of various clamping fixtures

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