PFW - portal milling machines for machining large parts with high precision

CNC portal milling machines of the PFW series are universal, high capacity machines for 5-sided machining of large and heavy workpieces in one setting.

Machines of type PFW-T have a fixed portal and a moveable, hydrostatically guided table. Even large workpiece weights are easily moved without sticking or slipping. Dual columns create a stable frame so that heavy machining tasks are possible. The operator control station is always right next
to the machining area and offers an optimal view
of the operations and events in the workroom.

A broad spectrum of traverses, milling head options, and accessory features permit the assembly of a machine for whatever requirement you might have.

For maximum traverse paths in the vertical axis, the machine is also available with a height adjustable portal (W-axis).

  Portal milling machine PFW-T
Portal milling machine PFW-T with travelling table and fixed portal

3000-12000 mm
2200-4000 mm
1000-1400 mm
1000-1800 mm
(vertical, option)
Portal milling machines of type PFW are built in gantry design with upper guideways. The workpiece is at rest and therefore does not affect the dynamics of the machine. The work space is easily accessed through large doors. Portal milling machine PFW

Portal milling machine PFW in gantry design with upper guideways

To increase efficiency through runtime parallel setup, the machine is also available as a double table version PFW-DT.

In process, the separate tables are traversed
into the work space alternately. If necessary,
both tables can be linked to move synchronous and consequently allow the machining of overlong parts.
Portal milling machine PFW-DT

Portal milling machine PFW-DT with double table and high-power milling head

An NC rotary table as fourth axis in model
PFW-RT opens additional application fields such as power plant and plant construction applications. Several differently sized rotary tables meet the various load requirements.

Even more flexibility is achieved by combining the two production process of lathing and milling.
With an integrated lathe-milling rotary table hydrostatically mounted, even the heaviest workpieces can be "revved up".
Portal milling machine PFW-RT

Portal milling machine PFW-RT with NC-controlled lathe-milling rotary table

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