UBF - The universal plano milling machine for economic machining of larger parts

CNC machines of the UBF series are
universal machines in plano design with high power for 4-side machining of larger workpieces in one single clamping.

The modern machine concept and meaningfully optimized technology turn this machine into a profitable investment for the milling of large workpieces. Supplemented by an automatic tool changer it achieves the productivity level of a machining centre.

A broad spectrum of traverses, milling head options, and accessory features permit the assembly of a machine for whatever requirement you might have.

In addition to the classical multiside machining, the controlled milling head also permits milling processes with high machining power at slant spatial angles.

  Universal CNC plano milling machine UBF
Universal CNC plano milling machine UBF with multi-purpose milling head for 4-side machining

1600-4000 mm
1000-1400 mm
1000-2000 mm

A rotary table expands the options considerably. The model UBF-R allows all-around machining of larger parts by holding a rotary table which is attached directly onto the guideways instead of a regular machine table.

Alternatively, the rotary table can be integrated into the regular machine table - on the same level.

Universal CNC plano milling machine UBF-R

Universal CNC plano milling machine UBF-R fully enclosed, with built-in rotary table and multi-
purpose head for flexible all-around machining

To increase efficiency through runtime parallel setup, the machine is also available as a double table version UBF-D.

In process, the separate tables are traversed
into the work space alternately. If necessary,
both tables can be linked to move synchronous
and consequently allow the machining of
overlong parts.

Universal CNC plano milling machine UBF-D

Universal CNC plano milling machine UBF-D with double table and integrated rotary table

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