WBF boring machine - the all-round talent for machining big components with highest precision

High-accuracy production on a continuous basis with high productivity. This is what CNC milling and boring machines of the series WBF offer.
They are universal boring machines with the capacity and layout of machining centers.
The compact design yields a space-saving installation. In addition to conventional boring and drilling applications, robust milling tasks in one setting are possible as well. Therefore it is the ideal machine for the machining of inner contours such as bearing carriers in gear cases or low lying positions of press- and injection moulding tools.

The modern machine construction technology, enough power, and an automatic tool changer make this machine a profitable investment when machining cubic workpieces.

A broad spectrum of traverses and equipment options make it possible to configure the right machine for any need.

CNC horizontal boring and milling machine WBF
CNC horizontal boring and milling machine WBF for precision machining of cubic parts.

1600-4000 mm
1200-1800 mm
900-1500 mm
500-700 mm
120, 130 mm
(boring spindle)
Table size: 1050x1250 - 1750x2000 mm

To increase efficiency through runtime parallel setup, the machine can also be equipped with a pallet changing system.

In process, the separate pallets are traversed into the work space alternately and after machining put onto the deposit station.

Alternatively, the machine is also available as
a double table version WBF-D. If necessary,
both tables can be linked to move synchronous
and consequently allow the machining of overlong parts. See WBX for a picture.

WBF as a fully enclosed machining centre

WBF as a fully enclosed machining centre with automatic pallet changing system.

An NC-controlled facing head allows precise machining of large contours, for example pump housings, hydraulic manifolds etc.

Numerous equipment variations such as bearings,
angle milling heads and attachment heads which can be docked expand the application spectrum and consequently
allow 5-side machining of workpieces.

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