VFB - the flexible machining centre for long parts machining

The moving-column machining centers of the VFB series are suitable for processing very long parts and can also be used as a multi-stations centre
or reciprocal operation centre with shorter workpieces. The always fully supported table is designed for extremely heavy workpieces.

Either the powerful gear variation for SK 40 or
SK 50 tool holders or a motor spindle variation with HSK tool holder can be used for different machining tasks.

Depending on requirement, the machines are equipped with a horizontal/vertical swivel head,
a left/right swivel head, or the traditional vertical head.
(For descriptions of the heads see VFB-R)


Machining centre VFB 3000
Machining centre VFB 3000 with L/R-milling head and built-in rotary table

1200-6000 mm
500-750 mm
500-800 mm

All VFB machines can of course be designed with complete surround enclosure with a closed top. Therewith the great cutting performance can be applied at high speeds without difficulty.

With an additional emulsion mist suction system, the high pressure coolant supply through the tool is fully useable in every situation.

Machining centre VFB 4000

Machining centre VFB 4000 with H/V-milling head and full enclosure with emulsion mist suction system

In order to increase the degree of utilization through runtime parallel set-up, the machine is also available with a removable separator wall for reciprocal operation.

In this way the one side can be set-up while machining is running on the other side.

Machining centre VFB with separator wall

Machining centre VFB with separator wall for reciprocal operation

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