VFB - the universal moving-column machining centre for all-around machining

The machining centres of the VFB-R series include moving-column machines with integrated rotary table for 5-side machining of medium-sized workpieces in one single clamping. The always fully supported table makes it possible to machine very heavy workpieces while maintaining the same dynamic.

Either the powerful gear variation for SK 40 or
SK 50 tool holders or a motor spindle variation with HSK tool holder can be used for different machining tasks.

Depending on requirement, the machines are equipped with a horizontal/vertical swivel head,
a left/right swivel head, or the traditional vertical head.

The special position of the milling head
swivel-point far ahead of the spindle nose yields
a large useable workarea.

Machining centre VFB-R
Machining centre VFB-R with H/V-milling head and built-in rotary table for flexible 5-side-machining

1200-2000 mm
500-750 mm
500-800 mm

The controlled L/R milling head makes it possible to machine front-end sides and tilted surfaces on workpieces. Combined with a rotary table, almost every position on a hemisphere round the table is reachable.

As a result of the narrow design, the head can be traversed far downward onto the table surface if set at a sideways position.
VFB-R with L/R-milling head

VFB-R with L/R-milling head for +/- 90°
and rotary table
enables machining of tilted workpieces with the milling head

If maximum stiffness is needed, the vertical milling head is the best choice. Through the use
of a rotary table as well as a reversible clamping device, the required flexibility can be reached.

Machining centre VFB-R with rotary table

Machining centre VFB-R with rotary table with zero point clamping system and NC devider

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